'When time dreams'

From Jun 8 till 31 Ago Curated by Mano Leyrado

    About the show _

    In a contemporaneity in where we live the socio-political reality as an incomprehensible arrangement coated with an unfathomable complexity, dreams present themselves as the last bastion of imagination for a life that convinces us that the only sense in which time circulates is towards the future. Imagine a chronology for something that contains the past, develops in the future and yet appears before our eyes today. At some point, the excavation of the past was reduced to archaeology, and with it, to the colonization of eternity. The possibility of permanence today, on the other hand, is an exercise in plasticity. When time dreams is a poetic transformation of our existential concerns about time and immutability. The works gather material from beings of all times, not to deduce history but to contain and propose it. The Company Studios invites you to When time dreams, curated by Mano Leyrado (AR) and including works by Anna Zachariades (DE), Flavia Visconte (AR), Griffini in Tamborini (IT), Hunter Lunge (US), Joshua Goodes (US), Julia Pereyra (AR) and Yunsun Kim (KR).

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    • Via California, 7, Milan, Metropolitan City of Milan, Italy